Martial Arts Classes

Snow Cubs: Martial arts based physical literacy program for kids aged 4-6 yrs  

Students ages 4-6 with special needs are offered this unique program that combines, group, and station based instruction. Activities include obstacle courses, games development, educational gymnastics, creative dance, fitness and martial arts. Students explore a variety of movement tasks and gain confidence in trying new things and developing new skills.

Junior and Adult Martial Arts classes for students with special needs

Our junior and adult martial arts classes for students with special needs include Goju and Shoringi Ryu karate basics and kata; Japanese and Brazilian Jujitsu; Self-Defense; traditional and formal weapons; point and free sparring; local, regional and international tournament competition and training. All martial arts training emphasizes principles of respect, compassion, gratitude, and integrity.

Flyer and Registration Form Welland

Flyer Registration Form St.Catharines

flyer 2017 image karate sp nds
Some of our students taking part in our annual summer training camp held at Guelph University


Martial Arts for Youth

Experience physical activity offers youth martial arts classes on Thursday from 7-8pm; and Saturday from 1-2pm.

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