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Experience Physical Activity offers three streams of services; full-time martial arts training and instruction, kids physical activity camps (summer, winter, March break); Inclusive physical activity and recreation community workshops and workshops series (offered by hours of programming, 1-12 hr packages).
Programs are designed to engage learners in for positive physical activity experiences throughout the community while enhancing fitness and providing opportunities for skill development. essentially, the overall goal is to assist in the physical literacy of our Nation starting without Niagara community. All programs offered through experience physical activity are tailored to individual and group needs, abilities and interests and our instructors are devoted to building a responsive, and supportive social learning environment.


Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to inspire a socially cohesive community that is empowered, energized and optimized. We see ourselves as a gateway for rejuvenation and wellness in Niagara. We see a prosperous Niagara with dynamic and diverse strengths, skills and accomplishments, that our programs have helped foster. We see all individuals contributing to social harmony locally, and globally while achieving individual happiness and inner peace, and we see our programs helped to cultivate this spirit. We see a healthy and happy community that values respect, compassion, unity and the flourishment of humanity. We see a community that does not have to be taught about good morals but understands deep virtues of equality, fairness, and integrity and acts on those virtues. We see adventure, energy, and enthusiasm for life, learning and love for ALL populations regardless of mobility, ability, age, race, gender or economic status. We see individuals from all walks of life continuously growing into better versions of themselves. And we see all of this in our very own backyard through the efforts of our work and the collective work of the multiple partnerships built on one purpose. To make the world more healthy and happy.

We see all community members in company of good social support and we see all community organizations working together to make this happen.

The Mission

Our mission is to seek out and provide movement workshops and programs to all un-movers in the Niagara Region, and through movement, we seek to enhance wellness in multiple dimensions of health (Social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental and physical).

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan: The following initiatives will assure our mission moves in the direction of our vision.

INITIATIVE #1 Eliminate Obstacles

To assure participation we seek to eliminate obstacles that would otherwise hinder individuals and populations from enjoying and taking part in physical activity; obstacles such as financial support, transportation, and motivation.

INITIATIVE #2 Utilize relevant instructional practices for meaningful learning experiences

To assure high engagement and continuous physical activity we will utilize authentic, relevant and meaningful instructional approaches, based on sound research and practice. We will utilize whole group, small group, one on one, station based, exploratory, direct, and guided instructional methods as well as anything in between that engages our learners meaningfully. Further, we will assure an optimally challenging and progressive learning environment to foster an inclusive and safe learning environment.

INITIATIVE #3 Utilize Scholarly Practices

Our mission is also to conduct all activities relating to business, programs or other, incongruence with scholarly practices. Thus we continue to utilize research in the field of movement, instruction, business etc.  We will continue to utilize program evaluation to improve our instruction and programs. We will continue to utilize consult and collaborate with our community partners to better tailor our programs and instruction to specific audiences; and for gaining knowledge in the field to further our expertise. Additionally, we aim to share the knowledge we gain throughout pursuits with others in the field so that they can share with us in our mission.

Meet our Team

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